Nicolas Eschenbaum


I am a researcher and consultant at the intersection of game theory, computation, and market regulation.

I design incentives for startups and Web3 protocols, develop and implement computable economic models, support companies in antitrust investigations, analyze strategic behavior in auctions, and help regulators and policymakers understand the economics of digital markets/AI. More details on my consulting work are here. My latest research funded by the Hasler Foundation integrates a programmatic, modular framework of mathematical games with machine learning libraries (repository). You can find details on my various research activities here.

selected publications

  1. arXiv
    Dealing with Uncertainty: The Value of Reputation in the Absence of Legal Institutions
    Nicolas Eschenbaum, and Helge Liebert
    May 2021
  2. arXiv
    Dynamic Monopoly Pricing with Multiple Varieties: Trading Up
    Stefan Buehler, and Nicolas Eschenbaum
    Dec 2021
  3. arXiv
    Robust Algorithmic Collusion
    Filip Mellgren Nicolas Eschenbaum, and Philipp Zahn
    Dec 2021